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Bio of Isabel Lacatus

Film Composer – Orchestrator – Producer – Arranger – Sound Designer – Singer – Songwriter – Pianist


The origin of her stunning array of talents had no definitive founding. However, there is no question that Isabel Lacatus is a talent that is shaping our age. Today, at seventeen, Isabel has accomplished more than many talents in a lifetime. Performing piano recitals at the age of 7 at the Manhattan School of Music under Dr. Maria Asteriadou, then spending four subsequent years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music under Dr.Xun Pan. The release of her first single, “Outside the Box” recorded by Skylab Music Studios in NYC was followed by the release of an EP recorded at the Prestigious Premier Recording Studios, hosting artists such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, even as she sang lyrical opera duets with renowned tenor, George Dyer. At the tender age of 13, Isabel won a coveted first place in a highly competitive national singing competition called “Kidz Star USA”, and this was just the beginnings of Sterling, multifaceted career.

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Being a film composer consists of having an imagination and creativity that goes well beyond the notes of my score but into the deep thoughts of a film’s mind!

by Isabel Lacatus


“Cops”  Soundtrack Composed by Isabel Lacatus

“Atlantis” Action Soundtrack Composed by Isabel Lacatus

“Troy Trailer” Soundtrack Composed by Isabel Lacatus

This is part 1/main theme of the silent film “Cops” that I composed the music for from a project at Berklee College of Music. The film score is stylistically a playful comedy, with some hints of a tender theme for the girl in the film.

As I was spotting this film, I made sure to have a connection of all the scenes and to have different themes connected to the different characters as well as recurring templates such as the more action and up beat scenes. Since this movie was silent I had to compose the score with the story always in the back of my mind. The music portrays the emotional ups and downs of this main character but still keeping the theme of the film a light-hearted comedy. Click on my music collection to see the other parts that I composed for this silent film.

This is an action adventure scene from the movie “Atlantis” that I composed the music for from a project at Berklee College of Music. The scene starts out with some mysterious low drone music that sets the dark scene. As the scene progresses, the music increases in momentum and energy as the sailors face the storms of the sea.

The music portrays the energetic scene and the high impact from the surprise of the sea monster. The scene also called for many picture cuts where I used climatic cinematic drums to hit those picture cuts. I also included high action strings that continually modulated as the scene grew in intensity. It was definitely a fun score to compose!

This is a rescore of the trailer for the movie “Troy” that I composed the music for a project at Berklee College of Music. I put a modern cinematic twist on the trailer music, using cinematic action strings as well as energetic drums and drones. The music hits all the picture cuts to add momentum as the trailer switches emotions, highlighting the major key elements of the drama and action from the film.

The music enhances the impulse of the scenes and characters and carries along with the right amount of instruments, as well as changing tempos to fit the intensity of each picture cut and end with a dramatic build.